Your macros

Hc/Lf= high carb, low fat

Lc/Hf= low carb, high fat

Regular= moderate macros

In a carb cycling way of eating we eat carbs in different amounts on different days!

*Protein does not need to exceed 145g typically, depending on your height, weight and goals. If your number is higher than that and it seems daunting, keep the max at 145g per day until you feel you want more protein! 


*this will automatically lower your overall calories.   Eat to your macros, not to the overall calories, by doing this you will then hit the calories you need.

Don't forget to add these goals to your macro tracker.  You don't know how much you're actually eating unless you weigh, measure and track what you eat.  Calories by hitting your macros, you'll hit the calories.  Keep an eye out for an email with suggested carb cyclying schedule.

***AND REMEMBER these are NOT StressLess Lifestyle personalized macros...these are from a calculator that is similar, but I personalize each client to them and their needs.

*Feel free to reach out with questions 

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